May 2020 note from Janine:

I've been pondering upcoming issues. UPPERCASE in print form is kind of like a refuge for people... a place to get lost in it for a while, to feel uplifted and motivated and inspired. So although I will certainly mention the pandemic in the editorial and in some reader submissions and as a context within some articles (I'm not trying to ignore its existence) I am very consciously planning content that isn't directly about the pandemic. So no stories about making masks, ppe, etc. or articles about "how to cope with the pandemic". I feel like that is adequately covered in online news media and throughout our Instagram feeds. It is hard to know what the mood/situation will be in the months ahead—and I curate content 3-9 months in advance of an issue—but do know what people expect from UPPERCASE and how they want to feel when they're reading it, so that's how I'm framing my editorial decisions.

You can pitch your own work, propose an article about someone else or suggest a topic that you would like to research. You don't have to be a writer. If your idea is excellent and/or your visual submission is amazing, we can pair you with one of our writers, we can interview you or find other ways to feature the idea or your talent. 

Please make sure that your submission is suitable for UPPERCASE magazine. Some upcoming topics are listed below. If you have an idea that falls outside of these listed areas, your pitch is also welcome. Please do not submit the same idea multiple times. 

authorship / writing

creative living / craft 

design / typography

studios / workspaces

inspired by...

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.