The UPPERCASE community is talented, kind, generous and enthusiastic. I am grateful for your support of my magazine through your subscriptions, purchases and book pre-orders. You have carried me and my business through some tough times in the past and thankfully UPPERCASE is doing ok right now, with online sales and fulfilment systems operational.

With so much uncertainty though, a lot of artists and small businesses are struggling; seeing their incomes depleted through the cascading effect this virus has had on society. There are also many readers wondering how they can help.

I know from your replies and anecdotes that people take action when they get a newsletter from me. When featured in All About YOU, folks featured within might see a bump in sales on their websites, more followers on Instagram, new connections and friendships made. If UPPERCASE can help connect a few new people to a business needing customers, that's great! Every little bit helps right now.

UPPERCASE readers can support each other—through sales, services, trades and encouragement—and I'd like to highlight this in my newsletters and in the UPPERCASE Circle community on a regular basis.

If you have something specific for sale or an offer that would appeal to UPPERCASE readers—products, artwork or creative services—please apply. This is not a form for simple self-promotion of your portfolio (You can do that via the All About YOU newsletter). I will be curating from the applications to highlight the ones that I think will best suit my readership.

You are welcome to offer a discount for UPPERCASE readers on an existing product or service—but no deep discounts above 20%. We want small businesses and artists to earn a decent margin. The exception is that if you want to offer a free service or product to share your knowledge, skill or encouragement but do not require remuneration if any kind.

You can also propose making something specific to UPPERCASE readers, a service or a product. For example, if you're a printmaker, you could take pre-orders for a limited edition print created for UPPERCASE readers—so that the quantity made matches the sales earned. You can propose what this might be in the application form.

UPPERCASE (Janine Vangool) is only the connector on this initiative and is not taking any commissions, nor is UPPERCASE responsible for the fulfillment of the purchased or promised items. My role is encouraging my very engaged and generous readers to get to know other small companies within their creative community and what they have to offer. I will do my best to feature applicants who have a quality product and service and a proven track record of delivering on their offerings. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.