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Volume A in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration

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Please complete this audition form to be considered for Volume A: Art Supplies in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration.

The 10th volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration is all about Art Supplies: the provenance, lore and enduring appeal of art-making ingredients, materials and accessories told through profiles of artists, artisans and manufacturers (independent makers and venerable brands with historical legacies). Lushly illustrated through photography and artwork, this exuberant edition will be a must-have volume in the UPPERCASE Encyclopedia of Inspiration. 

We are looking for creative entrepreneurs who make art supplies. 

We are also looking for artists and creatives who use art supplies in unique ways—in which the supplies and materials are at the forefront on the making of the work and exemplify and highlight the qualities of that particular medium. 

Paints of all kinds, beads, brushes, chalk, charcoal, clay, pencils, crayons, glass, gouache, ink, mosaic, pastels, pigment, printmaking tools, scissors, stencils, etc... there are so many amazing, beautiful and useful art supplies, materials and tools.

The book will have an environmentally conscious approach to the content, being mindful about the toxicity of supplies and preference given to non-plastic or eco-friendly suppliers and sustainably-minded artists.


Good photography is important for this book project and we rely on photography supplied by our participants. Please provide 6-20 representative images.

Images should be at least 6 inches wide at 300dpi, or as large as you have them. Name them like this: lastname01.jpg, lastname02.jpg.


This is an "audition" only. Keep in mind that this is an audition to be featured in a book, so the quality of your images is very important, as is your ability to follow the instructions in the submission process. Your submission will be reviewed by publisher Janine Vangool. We will let you know in September 2021 if you've been accepted to be included.

Should you be selected for inclusion in this volume, we will have additional long-form questions for you to complete by October 2021 and we will require high-resolution photographs supplied by the artist. Published artists will receive 2 free copies of the book, but no financial compensation. There is no fee to audition nor to be published.

If you'd like to support this crowd-funded publication, please preorder Volume A: Art Supplies at uppercasemagazine.com

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